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domenica 25 luglio 2010

Il dentice estivo

Uscire dalla classica accoppiata estiva di serra e foce non è per niente facile. Ma ci ho voluto credere, buttarmi ad esplorare zone in orari e situazioni in cui pochi tentano.

E cosi, nelle ore più calde di una di queste giornate di fine Luglio, jiggando come un dannato lungo una scogliera camminabile con una decina di metri di profondità, mentre il jig, un Arpon Iarfish da 28gr ricadeva per l'ennesima volta verso il fondo è stato attaccato con violenza da sua maesta Dentex Dentex.

Un dentice Maremmano che aspettavo da tanto e che è uscito proprio come e dove volevo io... grandi soddisfazioni estive !

Stay Tuned

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  2. Hi Daniel, Nice catch. What was the rod and reel you caught that dentix with?

    1. Hi Omar 😊 that day I was fishing with my GLoomis 1021s combined with a Shimano Exage 6000. Regards Daniele

    2. Thaks for the reply Daniele.

      See, I'm really interested in Sea Spinning, but I'm totally knew to it. I want to buy a rod and a reel to start sea spinning for the first time and am really confused with all the sizes and differences in rod power and action and all!!

      Can you please give an advice on what to buy as a first timer, you seem to be pretty knowledgeable.

      Should I get a 9ft or 8ft rod? and what type of power and action should it be?

      By the way, I live in Libya, so it's pretty much the same conditions and species you have up there in Italy.

      Thanks again, and am sorry if I caused you any inconvenience.

    3. Thanks for your trust, Omar.
      The 1021 has been my first sea spinning rod, and it's still one of my main, so that's something I would suggest to you for sure. But I don't know if it's still in production, since i bought it 6 years ago.
      By the way, you can always find something similar, with all round characteristics for our sea. Search for a rod around 8ft lenght, action "fast", and with a casting weight among 10gr and 35gr (approximately).
      You can target most predators and fish from various envairoments with such a rod.

      I hope I was helpfull

    4. Thank you for the advice, Daniele.

      You really saved me a lot of time and confusion with your advice.

      I decided to get this rod:


      And I want to match it with an Okuma Trio High Speed reel

      I'm still not sure which size to chose though! 30S or 40S!

      Thanks again fir your kindness and advice.

    5. Well, you know what, I think am gonna skip the Okuma Trio reel. I've been reading a lot of bad reviews about it, and I don't feel comfortable about it anymore!

      I think I'll go with the Shimano Sedona FD 4000.

      What do you think?

    6. Sorry, but I've never tried that reel. But, should be better than the Okuma for sure !


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